We know we can help you deliver a better product, for less money, here in Romania.

With its lower labor and material costs, excellent crews and facilities, and spectacular natural and architectural diversity, Romania has become a hotbed for international film and television production.  Located in the famous Transylvania region, WTS caters to productions of all sizes seeking higher production value and lower prices.  And we specialize in helping low-to-mid-sized productions accomplish here what they could never dream of accomplishing back home.

Our international clients often tell us: the best decision they made was to film in Romania.


Medieval villages and castles, abandoned ghost city that would cost a fortune to build as a film set, industrial towns with communist buildings, stylish art nouveau cities, or even corporate glass skyscrapers for an urban look, underground futuristic salt mine, majestic mountains, rapids, waterfalls and lakes. Discover some beautiful and interesting locations where you can shoot your next project.