We offer a full-service sound stage, two staffed workshops, and an additional five acres (two hectares) for set construction.  Our stage is 18 meters (60 feet) long, 8 metes (27 feet) wide, and 6 meters (20 feet) high. Our wood and metal workshops, permanently staffed with professional craftsmen, offer excellent prices on everything from exterior sets to detailed period furniture and armor.

Additionally, the WTS campus is strategically located a short drive from alpine landscapes, the Danube Iron Gates, vast Transylvanian plains, medieval castles and villages, industrial ruins, a lake resort, and a spectacular old mountain railway.  Our location database is large and growing every day, and we specialize in accommodating nearly any request. No matter the size of your film, television, commercial, or video shoot, we can help you deliver tremendous production value at a reasonable price.