a documentary film by Sabin Dorohoi
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“SWIM” also spelled as “SW!M” will be a TV documentary about the Romanian Avram Iancu who will swim the entire length of the Danube River. He will be wearing only swimming slips, no neoprene suit or swim fins and he will be the first to undergo such an expedition with no protection equipment.

The expedition will be quite impressive. Avram Iancu will have to swim 2860 km continuously, for two months. From Donaushingen in Germany to Sulina harbor in Romania, at the end of the Danube Delta where the river meets the Black Sea. That means around 40-50 km in 10 hours each day. Non stop! He will be swimming through ten countries and four capital cities, each one with its own culture and traditions. In his attempt he will be escorted by two kayaks, with experienced swimmers and a terrestrial crew.

All this adventure will be captured in the documentary film „SWIM”! 

Estimated film premiere - Spring 2018

We are honored to have great partners who believed in this expedition and in this unique project: